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Trade Information and Market Research (Certified)


WTC Cyprus is an unrivalled source of up-to-date information about the region, including local products and services, market conditions, business culture, statistics, market research and others.

a) Basic General Information:

Requests will be answered within 3 business days.

b)  Basic Lists:

Basic lists of manufacturers and exporters/importers in Cyprus can be provided within 1 to 3 business days.

              Cost: Depending on nature of request

c)  Special Research:

Research on markets, trade regulations, statistics, industry information etc., including market research to help companies conduct business internationally or locally.  Requests will be answered within 21 business days.

             Cost: Depending on nature of request


d)  International Trade Library:

WTC Cyprus has a library in its premises.  Assistance is available for library usage during working hours.  There are two small work tables for reading and wireless internet connection is available.

             Cost:  Free of charge (except for B&W and colour copies)