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General Etiquette & Protocol Guidlines

Meeting Etiquette

  • Shake Hands, smile, and maintain direct eye contact during the greeting.
  • Wait to be invited before using someone's first name.
  • At small social gatherings, your hosts will introduce you to the other guests.
  • Say goodbye to each person individually when leaving.


Gift Giving Etiquette

  • Gift giving is not an elaborate event.
  • If invited to a Cypriot's house, bring a consumable gift such as pastries.
  • Do not give white lilies as they are used at funerals.
  • Gifts are not opened when received.


In-House Etiquette

If you are invided to a Cypriot's house:

  • Shake hands with everyone when arriving and leaving.
  • Dress casually but well.
  • Offer to help the hostess with preparation or clearing up after a meal is served.
  • Complement the house.
  • Refusing an offer to drink Greek coffee is considered impolite.


Table Manners

  • Table manners are Continental.
  • Remain standing until invited to sit down.
  • The oldest person and guest of honour are generally served first.
  • Do not begin eating until the hostess starts.
  • Expect to be offered second and even third helpings.
  • If you have not finished eating, cross your knife and fork on your plate with the fork over the knife.
  • Indicate you have finished eating by laying your knife and fork parallel across the right side of your plate.