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Cypriot Society & Culture

Cypriot Family Values

  • The family is the center of the social structure.
  • The family includes he nuclear family and the extended family.
  • The extended family is expected to help their relatives.
  • Both maternal and paternal grandfathers have strong bonds with their grandchildren.
  • Elders are respected and children expect to take care of their parents when as they become old and or infirmed.

Hierarchical Society

  • Cypriots are extremely respectful of hierarchy.
  • People are respected of their age and position. Older people are viewed as wise and granted respect.
  • The oldest person in a group is revered and honoured. In a social situation, they are served and introduced first.

Religion in Cyprus

  • Freedom of religion is safeguarded in Cyprus constitution.
  • The majority of Greek Cypriots belong to the Greek Orthodox Church.
  • In small villages, women attend service more frequently than men, and elderly family members are usually responsible for fulfilling religious duties on behalf of he whole family.
  • Church attendance is less frequent in cities.
  • The majority of Turkish Cypriots are Muslims.
  • Among certain obligations for Muslims are to pray five times a day-at dawn, noon, afternoon,  sunset, and evening.