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Introducing World Trade Center Cyprus

Cyprus, at the crossroads of three continents, is predestined to be a trade center. Its ports and airports are both stopovers in the region, as well as destinations in their own right.  And as the world gets smaller and communication gets better, the island's trade potential grows accordingly.

In June 2004, the time was right for the establishment of the World Trade Center Cyprus, which began its official operation in December of the same year.  WTC Cyprus is a member of  World Trade Centers Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd (, under the umbrella of Nest Investments ( Nest Investments is the holding company of a family of subsidiaries, associates and affiliates in more than 14 countries, including a number of World Trade Centers in the Eastern Mediterranean, Middle East and North Africa regions.

With premises in Limassol, the World Trade Center Cyprus not only opens a window to the world, but even paves the way to it! As a member of the World Trade Centers Association, WTC Cyprus is fully integrated into a network of 300 World Trade Centers with 750,000 affiliated companies in 90 countries on six continents; that makes it a virtual treasure trove for any business aiming to expand its activities beyond the shores of our island.  The future establishment of branches in other major towns in Cyprus will further accommodate the needs of the local business community.

Our portfolio of services and facilities addresses the needs of companies of all sizes, offering them access to the global marketplace.

Our aim is to offer the local business community all the support they need to enter the global business arena, by bringing people together under the banner "Connecting the Business World".

As a means to this end, WTC Cyprus strives to:

  • Increase local awareness of trading opportunities around the world;
  • Cooperate with existing organisations and associations that have similar purpose;
  • Promote Cyprus and its trading opportunities worldwide;
  • Establish Cyprus as an international business center and a base for regional business;
  • Preserve the culture and support the tourism of Cyprus through trade;
  • Create and maintain regular communication between the business communities in our areas of operation;
  • Assist companies involved in trade to cope with the challenges and requirements of globalisation;
  • Liaise with other WTCs within our group to promote trade opportunities in our extended region



WTC Cyprus is a WTCA Premier Accredited Member, recognised for meeting the WTCA Quality Standard and provides exceptional services, embodying the very best of the WTCA.