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European Regional Meeting 13-15 Sept 23 | Limassol, Cyprus

European Regional Meeting 13-15 Sept 23 | Limassol, Cyprus

World Trade Center Cyprus (WTCCy) is delighted to unveil its role as the proud host of the forthcoming European Regional Meeting, set to take place in the vibrant city of Limassol in September 2023. With a thematic focus on "Europe Connects," this event stands as a significant platform dedicated to fortifying partnerships and fostering collaboration among the esteemed European Members of the WTCA. In this endeavor, the aim is two-fold: to attract enterprises to the region and to catalyze economic advancement within Cyprus.

Distinguished European WTCA Delegates will convene to partake in a dynamic array of conferences, fostering face-to-face collaboration, and benefiting from a captivating lineup of expert-led talks. The agenda promises a diverse range of discussions, spanning critical topics such as Sustainability in Real Estate & Trade Services, Cyprus Energy, and the exploration of potential expansion avenues across Europe. Delving into realms of innovation, ProTech and other thought-provoking subjects will also be on the discourse menu.

Anticipation runs high as the WTC Cyprus team extends a warm invitation to all attendees, ready to extend the renowned Cypriot hospitality that has charmed guests for generations. As participants engage in the carefully curated working sessions, we aim to provide an enriching environment where ideas flourish and collaboration thrives.

Join us in embracing yet another remarkable chapter of the WTCA European Regional Meeting against the stunning backdrop of the Mediterranean Beach Hotel in the heart of Limassol, Cyprus!