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Creating High Performance Teams


Only people performing at their very best can keep an organization thriving in these times of change and uncertainty. Employees and managers with heightened imagination, stamina, positive energy, self-belief and the capacity to collaborate are vital to an organisation’s survival.

Employees and managers who show these qualities – we call Pathfinders.

Pathfinders set examples;  solve problems; create solutions; engage people and they create a powerful culture of “I Can!  We Can!”

Who should attend:

This workshop is suitable for those who have responsibility for team or organizational performance, and those leading culture change programs. It is also suitable for those who aspire to supervisory, team leading or management roles.

Why Needed:

Participants will leave with increased clarity around goals, self-confidence and an improved capacity to deal with uncertainty and change. They will be more willing to engage in positive and collaborative solution creation. They will understand how to eliminate conflict within teams and replace it with positive motivational energy.